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Fila Brasileiro

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Fila Brasileiro
Fila Brasilerio
Fila Brasilerio
Alternative names
Brazilian Mastiff
Brazilian Molosser
Co de Fila
Country of origin
Common nicknames
Classification and breed standards
FCI: Group 2 Section 2 #225  
CKC: Miscellaneous Class  
NZKC: Utility  
Not recognized by any major kennel club
This breed of dog is extinct
The CKC "miscellaneous class" is for breedsnot yet fully recognised by the organisation

The Fila Brasileiro (or Brazilian Mastiff) is a large working breed of dog developed in Brazil.


The Fila Brasileiro is large and heavyset, with a powerful structure and large head. The breed standard is for males to be between 65 and 75 cm (27 - 29.5 in) at the shoulder with a minimum weight of 50 kg (100 lb). Females are slightly smaller at 60 to 70 cm (24 - 27.5 in) with a minimum weight of 40 kg (90 lb).


The coat of the Fila Brasileiro is smooth and short. Most solid or brindled colours are permitted except mouse-grey and white. Patchy or dappled coats are outside the breed standard, although some white markings are permitted on the feet, chest, and the tip of the tail.


The breed is considered by owners to have a calm and loyal temperament. However, its power and strength, along with a reputation for aggressiveness and irritability in some situations (particularly around strangers), have led to this breed being banned or restricted in some countries. The breed is one of the four specifically mentioned in the UK's Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.


Its origins are not well known, but it is believed to have been developed from various breeds including the English Mastiff and the Bloodhound; the latter contributing to the Fila's baggy skin. They are often used as guard dogs, tracking dogs, and guide dogs.

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