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The word kennel has several meanings in relation to dogs:

  • The small shed in which a dog is kept; a doghouse.
  • A collection of buildings or a property in which many dogs are housed, maintained, and bred, often used in the plural "the kennels".
  • A breeding kennel, a breeding establishment for the propagation of purebred dogs, whether or not the animals are actually housed in a separate shed, the garage, a state-of the-art facility, or the family dwelling.
  • A boarding kennel, in which dogs are housed temporarily for a fee.

In a breeding kennel, there is always a Kennel Name or Kennel Prefix, which forms the first part of a pedigreed dog's registered name. Breeding kennels are heavily regulated and must follow rules laid down by the breed club, the kennel council, and the local or state legislation.

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