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On October 1, 2001, EU and other countries introduced the option for domestic animal owners to apply for Pet passports under the Pets Travel Scheme (PETS for short), for pets returning from abroad to the United Kingdom. This replaced the old system of 6 months compulsory quarantine for all domestic pets.

Under the scheme, the pets need to be injected with a microchip implant that meets ISOP specification before being vaccinated, and certified rabies free through a blood test that is taken one month after the vaccine has been given. If the blood test is negative the vaccination and sample must be re-applied. The animal is permitted to enter the UK 6 months later without quarantine as long as it has been treated for ticks, fleas and tapeworms between 24 and 48 hours before boarding the transport that will return the pet to the UK.

The pet passport is a pink A4 sheet which contains the microchip number and certification that the dog has a rabies vaccination, and needs to be signed by a veterinary surgeon who has LVI status. The passport is not to be confused with the much smaller purple folder routinely issued by vets which records the complete vaccination history of the pet.

The Pet passport alone be used to enter the UK, but it will not suffice to enter many countries. For instance Guatemala, like almost every country, demands that all imported pets have a rabies vaccination, but will not accept the Pet passport as proof of said vaccination. They need to see the proof of the rabies in the purple folder.

The pet passport was originally suggested by the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

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