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Pointer's pointing stance Pointer's pointing stance

The Pointer is a group of dog breeds; specifically, they are a type of gundog typically used in hunting birds. The name pointer most likely comes from the dog's stance when they spot prey; many dogs point naturally at interesting noises or possible prey by lifting one paw and tucking it under their chests, with their nose extended and tail straight behind. Pointers were selectively bred for dogs who had this natural trait. They typically start to acquire their hunting instincts at about 2 months of age, although they need to be trained to assume the stance at all appropriate times and to maintain it until released by the hunter.

The Pointer originated in England in about the 1650s. It was the first dog used to stand game.

Pointers typically have short-haired coats, although some breeds, such as the German Pointer, come in longer-haired or wire-haired versions.

Pudelpointer demonstrating the pointing stance. Pudelpointer demonstrating the pointing stance.

Pointers include the following breeds:

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