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Polar Bear-Baiting

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Polar Bear-baiting is a bloodsport involving the baiting of Polar Bears.


Perhaps, due to the infrequent occurrences of the baiting of Polar Bears, few written citations can be found.

First citation

In the book:

  • Jesse, George R. (1866). Researches into the History of the British Dog, 2 vols. London: Bobert Hardwicke.

The following occurrence is cited.

"The Spanish Ambassador is much delighted in bear-baiting. He was the last week at Paris Garden, London, where they showed him all the pleasures they could with bull, bear and horse and then turned a white bear into the Thames, where the dogs baited him swimming; which was the best sport of all."

Second Citation

The Daily Advertiser, January 20, 1747, edition, carried this advertisement:

"At the particular request of several persons of distinction, the celebrated white sea-bear, which has been seen and admired by the curious in most parts of England, will be baited at Mr. Broughton's amphitheatre, this day being the 29th instant. the creature is now supposed to be arrived at his utmost strength and perfection; and though there never yet was one of this kind baited in Europe, it is not doubted, from his uncommon size, excessive weight and more than savage fierceness, but he will afford extraordinary entertainment and behave himself in such a manner as to fill those who are lovers of the diversion of this kind with delight and astonishment. Any person who brings a dog will be admitted gratis."

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