Latest Articles at Pets Animals Lover Information World The RSS feed of the latest 10 articles at Pets Animals Lover Information World en Away from Abuse They say that animals are just animals. But even though they are just animals, they are still among the many living beings that walk this earth. Like us humans, animals also eat, drink, and sleep. The The Value of Dog Travel Supplies Whether you are a first time dog owner or not, you must admit the fact that dogs also need balanced nutrition and proper affection. Giving them both of their daily needs will give you a healthier and Save Money By Making Your Pets Tasty Treats In Minutes The holidays are approaching quickly, and it seems to be the season for baking Christmas cookies and holiday treats. Don't leave your dog out of the holiday fun; go ahead and have some fun with the ki Keeping Budgerigars; One Of Each Sex Keeping 2 budgies is always beneficial to the birds themselves, although it may make it harder for you to tame them. If you want to tame them and you have 2, then it's best to have 2 males. If you rea How to keep your budgerigar happy A budgie is one of the cutest pets one could wish to own, but how do we keep them happy?Budgies are instinctively used to living in a flock and love constant chatter and company. I would never suggest How To Recognize A Healthy Budgie Whether you are looking to buy a budgie, already have a budgie or even own multiple budgies, health is of utmost importance. A budgie can go downhill really quickly if it gets ill, so it is really imp All About Dog Beds Information Taking care of your dogs is just like taking care of your family. By reading this article you will be able to attend to one of your pet's basic needs sleeping.SleepingA pet owner should first unders Safety Tips and Hints on Using Wireless Dog Fence Wireless dog fence has been proven and tested to be really safe and reliable. However, there are still safety tips that everyone should take into consideration in using it. These safety tips will give Boston Terrier Training Tips Having a boston terrier as part of your family can really be a joyful and exciting experience. However, it can also be a total disaster if your boston terrier is not properly trained and well-behaved. Ethical Breeders Are Taking A Beating It has become increasingly difficult for ethical breeders to run a thriving business without being accused of being an animal hoarder or a Mill.Why is this happening to ethical breeders?Negative publi