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Saddleback clownfish

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The Saddleback Clownfish (Amphiprion polymnas) is also known as the Saddleback Anemonefish. It is a subspecies of the Clownfish.



This fish is dark brown with two thick white bars. One is located just behind its eyes. The other is found in the middle of the fish's body. The Saddleback Clownfish's tail fin is bright yellow.


The Saddleback Clownfish can be found in the Eastern Indian and Pacific oceans. It lives in anemones and rocky areas. When kept in a tank, the species requires rocky hiding places and at least 30 gallons of salt water.


This fish is an omnivore. It eats algae as well as small crustaceans. If it is kept as a pet, it should be fed three times per day.

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