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91: Choosing The Right Dog For You
Owning a dog needs dedication, time and effort. As you all know, dogs are domesticated animals that need to be nurtured and loved. So before you consider owning one, it is very important that you asse..

92: Grooming Tips for Dogs
Bathing a puppy can be a real challenge, especially when your pup uses every resource to thwart your attempts to get them clean. Who wants to sit, all wet, in a slippery bathtub when there are lizards..

93: Training Your Dog using a PetSafe Electric Dog fence - Week 1
It is important to have as little disruption as possible during your pets' training sessions.During the training process it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not let your dog run off lead in the yard with..

94: How to Build a Wood Dog House
Most dogs adapt well to outdoor living as long as they have access to shelter. They also need to have a good place to escape from the weather, and unless you're willing to let him in the house.Buildin..

95: The Importance of Pet Strollers
Does your pet need a stroller? Yes, indeed. Pet strollers are more than just a recreational carrier but a helpful way of transporting your handicapped or small pets like puppies and kittens. Here are ..

96: Benefits of Elevated Feeders
Looking for some pet tools to effectively give your dog a healthy and disease-free lifestyle? Start your task as a responsible dog owner by nourishing your dog in a proper and unique elevated feeder! ..

97: Teaching your puppy not to bite
So you have just got yourself a new puppy. No matter how cute he / she seems to be, if your new bundle of fur is biting either you, other members of your family or your guests then chances are it does..

98: Benefits of Flea and Tick Controller
The first and major benefit of flea and tick controller is that it keeps you and your pet happy and well-sanitized. With the use of this non-toxic product in removing and totally killing fleas and tic..

99: The Same Goal
There are a lot of animal charities in our world today. Well we can’t blame them because without them, animal abuse and mistreatment will be anywhere in the world, which is why animal charities are ..

100: Away from Abuse
They say that animals are just animals. But even though they are just animals, they are still among the many living beings that walk this earth. Like us humans, animals also eat, drink, and sleep. The..

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