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111: Training Your Boston Terrier
Having a boston terrier as part of your family can really be a joyful and exciting experience. However, it can also be a total disaster if your boston terrier is not properly trained and well-behaved...

112: Effective Sport Dog Training
To effectively train your sport or hunting dogs, try to teach them the guidelines that are provided in this article. It is really important to learn the correct way for a simple but valuable sport dog..

113: The Importance of Wireless Dog Fence
Centuries ago, building walls around the yard represents as the most common fence widely used throughout the European countries. It was the usual way for home or pet owners to limit their dogs on a sp..

114: What is clicker training?
If you are planning on training your dog you might want to consider using clicker training. This training method has recently become very popular with many dog trainers all over the world. Clicker tra..

115: 10 Tips for Effective Pet Crate Training
Are you having difficulties introducing to your pet to his new crate? Worry no more, here are some useful tips for effective pet crate training.1. Put some treats inside the cage. While exploring his ..

116: Do No Bark Collars Work?
Yes. Some work better than others. Some control the barking through corrections, these are bark control collars. Other dog bark collars actually modify the dog’s behavior and teach the dog not to ba..

117: Panting Pets Protesst Petty Prettying
According to a new survey by veterinarians, dogs and cats do not enjoy being clothed in cute sweaters or jackets or pants or hats or bows or sunglasses ...In fact, it can make pets feel stupid and dep..

118: Our Animals Need To Detox Too
Our Animals Need to Detox Too! We live in a time of amazing medical advances. Many of us are aware of the need to occasionally aid our bodies in the elimination of toxins that build up in our intestin..

119: How To Prepare for a Road Trip with Your Dog
Traveling with your dog can be a great experience, but you will need to do some planning first. Preparation is the key to having a happy and safe trip. If you and Fido are going to hit the open road..

120: No Bark Collar Training
No bark collars are created to help dog owners deter unwanted barking. They can be used to control barking when the owner is not present or in other specific situations. However success is dependent o..

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