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131: Choosing The Right Dog Agility Equipment
With huge line of dog agility equipment that can be found in the market today, it is important that you know the importance of each and which equipment will suit your dog’s primary needs and your bu..

132: Important Facts about Dog Travel Supplies
A lot of important facts about dog travel supplies should really be kept in mind. These are not just mild issues but actually necessities especially for the health and welfare of your own pet. Please ..

133: The Importance of Pet Gates
We all know that dog is every man's best friend. But somehow, we need to keep a small distance from them especially when we do have kids at home that might be unaware of the danger. Besides, it's a bi..

134: Tips & Tricks on Using Doggles
"Wear sunglasses that block UV rays." Did you know that this sentence should also be applied to your pets? Doggles, also known as dog goggles or sun goggles, are protective eyewear particula..

135: I miss you
Well I think its important to start off by saying Im 16, and Im adopted. I've always been a big animal lover, and when I was about 4 my father got me a husky for Christmas.She was gray and black, and ..

136: Border Collies: The Shepherd’s Dog
There are many different kinds of herding dogs throughout the world. Some are gatherers, some are drovers, and some are tenders. The Border Collie is a special breed of sheep herding dog. These dogs a..

137: Nylon Dog Collar Benefits
Nylon dog collars are necessary for walking as you guide your pet not to cross the streets. Both of you can enjoy the morning breeze while walking around the neighborhood. Using collar with a matching..

138: Looking for the Right Dog Car Seat
In looking for the right dog car seat, you have to make sure that it will fit and totally suits the need of your favorite dog. This product is ideal for those dog lovers who want to bring their dog wi..

139: Dog Travel Supplies Buying Tips
To avoid this kind of situation, you can just look for the right and useful tips to make sure that you won’t have any hassle in the trip once you bring along your pet with you. For the benefit of ev..

140: The Importance of Dog Rain Jacket
The Importance of Dog Rain JacketA dog rain jacket is purposely made to protect your pet from getting wet. This is the perfect gear when your dog is taking a walk in the rain. Now, nothing can stop yo..

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