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141: Greyhound rescue
I have worked with dogs for most of my adult life, both in canine behaviour and in my capacity as a pet sitter. During that time many breeds have passed through my hands. I currently walk two ex -r..

142: Whipsnade wolves
I cannot recall when and how my love affair with the wolf began, but whatever the reason, it has driven me back into the classroom and onto the path of discovery.I wanted to find out why the mythical ..

143: The Joy of pet sitting
The Pet Industry is thriving. The idea travelled from the United States and now Britain’s pet owners are breathing a huge sigh of relief. No more wrestling Kitty into her cat box or marching Rover..

144: Uncle Thomas Stories About Horses
"Come away, boys, I am glad to see you again! Since I last saw you I have made an extensive tour, and visited some of the most romantic and picturesque scenery in England. One day I may give you an a..

145: Training your cat with constructive training
Are you training your cat and do not seem to be ableto get too far with him. This is the time to look atthe constructive training for training your cat oranimal.First things first, NEVER USE PHYSICAL ..

146: Dog Training
Dog Training Like all human beings the dogs also live in communities and their very behavior makes their relationship much closer to human being. By this the man wants to make them as mannered and ..

147: Dolphins in Rivers - Is that True
While you expect to see dolphins in the ocean, very few people realize that dolphins can be found in fresh water rivers as well. There are four species of dolphins that make their homes in rive..

148: Having Leopard Geckos As House Pets
What kind of pet you are looking for? Have you ever thought about a gecko? You will find different kind of geckos but there is only one which is perfect as a house pet. If you have seen pictures of..

149: The Quintessential Chow Chow
The Chow Chow is a stockily built, muscular and medium-haired dog that belongs to the Non-Sporting group. You can recognize it by its large head that’s complemented by a broad flat skull, short muzz..

150: The origins of the Chow Chow
Over 2000 or 3,000 years ago, the Chow Chow dog breed first came into existence. It is recognized as the most ancient breed in the world, dating farther back than the 11th century in China. In fact, h..

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