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151: Japanese Giant Slamanders
Japanese giant salamanders are about 55 pounds and five feet long. Brown and black skin helps them blend in with the mud, stones, and plants of the streambeds where they live. Their broad, flattened b..

152: A Dog Is For Life Not Just For Christmas
My family run an animal sanctuary in Birmingham, England. Even though we love what we do, we feel that some people need to realise that a pet should be a long term commitment. They should not be seen ..

153: Red Pandas
Red pandas exist in the shadow of giant pandas, but they were actually the first animals to be called "panda." In the past, red pandas have been classified with the bear family (which inc..

154: Who Are Your Power Animals
Native Americans believe that each animal carries its own special energies and gifts, and that each animal has a gift to give each of us. Do you know what animals are guiding you on your individual jo..

155: Nervous Rat- Use These Techniques And Your Rat Will Trust You
Now...have you just got a new baby rat? Is your rattie an adopted rat? Were they either a mistreated lab rat, or picked up from the Rat Shelter? Is your rat an older rat who has been traumatized and i..

156: Discovery of Furry Crustacean Yields New Family
An international team of marine biologists recently announced the discovery of Kiwa hirsuta, a ten-legged crustacean that resembles a lobster covered with what looks like silky, blond fur. Dubbed t..

157: Seals and Sea Lions
Scientists call true seals, eared seals, and walruses "pinnipeds"—literally, "feather-foot." Eared seals (sea lio..

158: Choosing Cremation As Your Pet’s Memorial
Considering Pet CremationWhen your pet passes, the preferred final care choices are burial of your pet in a pet cemetery, or cremation.  Although pet cemetery burial is a good option, it may b..

159: Angel - Our Diva Cat
Angel's family would like to make a dedication to our Angel kitty. She is a diva kitty that is very loyal to her family and more protective to her family than any watchdog out there. Do not let her g..

160: What Is The History Of The Boxer Dog
The boxer dog breed originated in Germany in the late 19th century. This is recognized as the standard. A great deal of this standard remains in today’s written standards from around the world. The ..

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