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171: How To Provide First Aid For Your Horse
If your horse is in the field, and it suffers a severe cut, you will want to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. You will need to make a call to your vet, and there are steps you also need to take ..

172: How To Groom Your Horse For Results You Will Be Proud Of
The fact is that most of us horse lovers don't groom our horses properly. This could be due to lots of things - time, motivation, circumstances etc. What we need to realise is that time with our horse..

173: American Saddlebred
The American Saddlebred is a breed of horse developed in the state of Kentucky. Today they are featured in many showring competitions, and they are also used for racing, parades, and hunting. These ho..

174: Tropical Fish - A Life
Tropical Fish Tropical fish are pets like other pets and you have to know what you're doing and I will try to help you with it. First of all you have to buy a tank. Look for a tank that is big enough..

175: Caring For A Pet Snake
When people think of pets, most of the time "furry" and "cuddly" are adjectives that come to mind. For the owners of pet snakes, however, these words don't really fit. Still, snakes make interesting p..

176: Tips For Buying A Pet Snake
Buying a snake can be a sizable investment. Getting a snake requires making a commitment to the pet's care and well-being. It is important to do your research so you know that the particular species o..

177: Tips On Breeding Snakes
When you've had some success caring for captive snakes, you might find yourself interested in breeding them. This can be done, but it requires record keeping and attention to many details concerning t..

178: How And Where To Find Your Chameleon
Chameleons are very fascinating and interesting as pets. Choosing a chameleon could be tricky though. There are many ways and sources to get a chameleon for you. You can get it from the pet store or ..

179: Bearded Collie - Great For The Family
By Dakota DogThe Bearded Collie is a medium sized dog that weighs between 40-58 pounds. They are 20" to 22" in height. Their abundant hair gives the impression that they are larger than they actually ..

180: The Beagle - Friendly Loyal And Loving
By Dakota DogA small to medium sized dog, the beagle weighs between 20-28 lbs and is 12" to 16" in height. Sometimes referred to as the English Beagle, this breed is energetic, friendly and loyal both..

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