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181: Rottweilers As Gentle Giants And Family Watchdogs
By Dakota DogIt is hard to find a dog breed that has a more conflicting temperament description than the Rottweiler. Known as a gentle giant and loving family companion on one hand and as an attack do..

182: Bichon Keeps Scratching Neck- Is It Physical Or Behavioral
By Adam KatzDear Adam: I have appreciated your advice in both your book and your tapes. My male Bichon is a very good dog, gentle yet playful, minds well, and treats me as the pack leader. He comes ..

183: Her Dog Shows Two Different Types Of Aggression
By Adam KatzDear Adam: I am writing about our dog Rudy, a three year old goldie mix that we adopted five months ago from a shelter. We have received different opinions on his mix. Some have said gold..

184: A Dog Is For Life Not Just For Christmas
By Steve HillMy family run an animal sanctuary in Birmingham, England. Even though we love what we do, we feel that some people need to realise that a pet should be a long term commitment. They should..

185: Dachshunds Make Value For Your Money
By Kari ErikssonThe dachshund is one of the popular breads of dogs that are out there. This is because they are easy to maintain and have a good temper as well. Many people know the dachshund as a wie..

186: Dog Kennel Basics
By Simon OldmannWhatever dog you have, he or she will sure appreciate having their own private space, just like us humans, dogs are territorial and always love to have a place to call their own. A dog..

187: Bedlington Terrier - A Playful Companion
By Dakota DogThe Bedlington Terrier is a small to medium sized dog that weighs between 18-23 pounds. Their height generally ranges between 15" to 17". This breed resembles a little lamb, but don't let..

188: Pet Rats
By Diana DavidsonWhat's a Rat Stare? Do your rats have a disturbing habit? Do they stare straight ahead for long periods of time? Is it rather unnerving to see them staring, unmoving, with their eyes..

189: Meet The Beauceron
The Beauceron is a large dog that weighs between 75-110 lbs. Their height ranges between 24" to 27 ½". Loyal, protective and territorial, the Beauceron makes an excellent watchdog that will ward off ..

190: Belgian Tervuren - An Energetic Worker
One of four Belgian Sheepdogs, the Belgian Tervuren is often mistaken for a German Shepherd because they closely resemble each other in size, coat and color. It is pronounced Ter-VER-en. The Belgian T..

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