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191: Belgian Malinois - Protector Of Home, Family And Livestock
The Belgian Malinois is a medium/large size dog that weighs between 40-80 lbs and is between 22" to 26" in height. Their name is pronounced MAL-in-wah. They are one of four Belgian Sheepdogs and are v..

192: Belgian Laekenois - The Rare Belgian Sheepdog
This medium sized breed weighs between 50-65 pounds and reaches between 22" to 26" in height. Their name is pronounced LAK-in-wah. The Belgian Laekenois is the rarest of four Belgian Sheepdogs. Bred t..

193: The Black And Tan Coonhound - Hunter And Companion
The Black and Tan Coonhound is often referred to as simply the Black and Tan. They are a medium to medium/large working class breed that loves to work and hunt. They weigh between 55-75 pounds and rea..

194: Yo Quiero Chihuahuas: The Tiny Lap Dog With The Big Personality
This small, spunky dog breed is famous for coining the phrase Yo quiero Taco Bell. Who doesn't remember the commercials in which the Chihuahua expressed his love for Taco Bell food? Tiny and energetic..

195: The Dalmatian- A Brief History Of This Breed
By Hector SanchezThe breed was named after Dalmatia, a place in Western Yugoslavia on the Adriatic sea, which at one time was part of Austria. However, the dogs were known in other parts of the world ..

196: Is Your Pet Rat Cool
I am going to reveal the secret to tell if your Rat is Cool? Is your Rat Hot? Or Is your Rat Cool? You take our quiz: Is your Rat: a) Hot b) Hip c) Cool d) Square Is your Rat Cool? If the env..

197: How To Choose Between Goldfish And Koi
Many people have asked us over the years Should I add goldfish or KOI (or both) to my pond? The answer is it depends. Goldfish are better suited to smaller water gardens and ponds, in the 50 - 500 ga..

198: Choosing A Bird Cage
Birds are one of the most favored pets in the world. The bird lovers irrespective of the bird species they choose, the place they keep them, would no doubt like to choose a sturdy and comfortable cage..

199: Go For A Bird Instead
Many families entertain the idea of getting a pet at one time or another. Sometimes it is the children that insist that their lives will not be complete without a friendly pet to have fun with. Other ..

200: Rescue Dogs
Rescue DogsWe have all grown up with at least one hero in our life, but how many people can call their hero Duke or Spot? The answer- anyone who has had their life saved by a rescue dog. Whether it..

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