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241: History Of The Pit Bull
No other breed of dog has experienced as many discriminations and misconceptions as has the Pit Bull. While some people would tell you that Pit Bulls are a gentle and harmless pet, other people consid..

242: Should Dogs Take Supplements
Its no mystery why we take supplements. The body is a complicated mechanism that fights every day to preserve its own well-being. Therefore, the body needs plenty of nutritional support that foods can..

243: Pet Therapy For Depression
Who could dispute that animals can have a positive effect on emotional well-being? With research being conducted into the field of alternative medicine on an on-going basis, more and more people are b..

244: How To Choose The Proper Hay For Your Horse
To have a strong and healthy horse it is important for you to feed them properly. Feeding them quality hay will give them the important nutrients and minerals they need. The amount of proteins needed ..

245: Midge Bite Misery
Longer days and warmer nights mean that summer is getting nearer. For many horses and ponies, it brings with it the misery of sweet itch. The condition, which is found throughout the temperate regions..

246: What Makes A Snake A Snake
What makes a snake a snake? Snakes lack legs, unlike most other reptiles. However, boas have tiny spurs that are remnants of hind limbs, and a few other reptiles, such as worm and glass lizards, also ..

247: What We Know About Garden Snakes
Snakes are an intriguing group of animals. Often misunderstood, they are an integral part of many natural habitats. Knowing more about them can help us enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the many diffe..

248: Cats And People Have The Same Five Basic Senses
Humans and cats have the same five basic senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. The two most important of these senses for cats are sight and sound. These are the two that help protect and de..

249: Canine Hip Dysplasia And Large Breed Dogs
Canine hip dysplasia is a genetic issue that starts to appear from the ages of 4 to 12 months. Not all puppies in a litter will develop it, though if your dog has canine hip dysplasia, she should not ..

250: Airedale Terriers - Courageous, Protective And Loyal
They originated in the country of York. The original Airedale Terrier was called the Waterside Terrier and later was crossed with the Otterhound. The Airedale has been used to hunt big game in Canada ..

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