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41: What to Know About Ferrets !
Make Your Ferret the Happiest Pet in the World ! -- The Secrets Of Having A Cuddly, Playful, Well-Behaved And Long-Lived Ferret... Without Having To Spend A Lot Of Cash... And Without Having To Do Muc..

42: animals in romania reaching for help
My name is Mircea Andrei and I represent the “Clopotel” animal protection association from Iasi-Romania. Our city is the second biggest in the country, but unfortunately, our associat..

43: Dog Retinal Dysplasia Disorder
Retinal dysplasia refers to a disorder in which the cells and layer of retinal tissue did not develop properly. It is usually a nonprogressive disease and can be caused by viral infections, drugs, vit..

44: Dog HypoThyroidism Disease
Hypothyroidism or Sluggish Thyroid Gland is a disorder of dog's thyroid gland, the most common hormone or endocrine gland deficiency in dogs. This gland has a number of functions and serve as master o..

45: Dog Spondylosis Deformans Disease
Spondylosis deformans (sometimes called Bone Spurs) is a condition in which bridges are formed along the ventral (bottom) parts of the vertebrae of dogs. Human, domestic cat, bull and even whales have..

46: The Dancing Doberman Disease Syndrome
Dancing Doberman disease (DDD or Distal Polyneuropathy) - also known as Dancing Doberman Syndrome - is a disease only seen in Doberman dogs, primarily affects their gastrocnemius muscle. A simple desc..

47: Pyometra Disease in Dogs
In its simplest terms, Pyometra (Pyo means "pus" and Metra refers to "uterus") is an infection in the uterus. The disease mainly affecting middle-aged female dogs that have not been spayed. Pyometra i..

48: Training your husky
When you own a husky dog there are two ways to get him ready for action - one is to get a professional trainer to get him in shape, the other is to do it all yourself. While the first option will ge..

49: My First Encounter with an Argentine Con Artist
Today, glorious Friday. I only had a few pesos on me so Julieta (a girl I work with) and I decided to go get a sandwich. As we turn the corner something organish-brown catches my eye. To my horror, a..

50: Masked Intruders
Intrusion by two masked villains…When I first met my wife we lived about an hour apart from each other but soon after our marital vows we moved in together. We had purchased a Berm Style home s..

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