Postcard Direct Help

Unlike other postcard services, Postcard Direct can allow you to email the postcard directly to the recipient rather than the recipient getting a ticket and accessing the web site to view their postcard.

Recipient Email - This is the email address of the person you want to send the postcard to. You can specify as many email addresses as you like separated by commas.

Recipient Name - This is the name of the person you are sending the postcard to. Their name will appear in the greeting.

Sender Email - This is the email address of yourself. This may or may not be required.

Sender Name - This is your name. This may or may not be required.

Subject - This will appear as the email subject. This field is optional.

Postcard Design - You can choose from a number of different postcard designs. Use the Preview Postcard button to get an idea of what each one looks like.

Music - Choose one of the midi songs to play with the postcard.

Send Formats
There are 2 choices of formats to send the postcard in.

  1. Send to users with standard email accounts.
    Choose this option if the recipient uses an email client like Outlook Express, Netscape mail, Eudora etc.

  2. Send to users to web email accounts.
    Choose this method if the recipient uses web mail (eg: Hotmail, Yahoo etc), or you are unsure what sort of mail client they use.

Please note that not all of these options may appear on the form depending on what sort of postcard is being sent.