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Spectacled lizards

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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Sauria
Family: Gymnophthalmidae

Gymnophthalmidae is a family of lizards, sometimes known as spectacled lizards or microteiids.

They are called 'spectacled' because of their transparent lower eyelids, so they can still see with closed eyes. The eyelids are not fixed, like most geckos and all snakes. These lizards live in a wide variety of habitats, from desert to mountain to rain forest, throughout Central America and South America. Spectacled lizards are related with the Teiidae, but they look like skinks; reduced limbs and smooth scales, some species have no limbs at all. They eat mostly insects and other invertebrates, all species are oviparous.


Family Gymnophthalmidae

  • Genus Alopoglossus
    Genus Amapasaurus
    Genus Anadia
    Genus Anotosaura
    Genus Argalia
    Genus Arthrosaura
    Genus Aspidolaemus
    Genus Arthroseps
    Genus Bachia
    Genus Calyptommatus
    Genus Cercosaura
    Genus Colobodactylus
    Genus Colobosaura
    Genus Colobosauroides
    Genus Echinosaura
    Genus Ecpleopus
    Genus Euspondylus
    Genus Gymnophthalmus
    Genus Heterodactylus
    Genus Iphisa
    Genus Leposoma
    Genus Macropholidus
    Genus Micrablepharus
    Genus Neusticurus
    Genus Nothobachia
    Genus Ophiognomon
    Genus Opipeuter
    Genus Pantodactylus
    Genus Pholidobolus
    Genus Placosoma
    Genus Prionodactylus
    Genus Procellosaurinus
    Genus Proctoporus
    Genus Psilophthalmus
    Genus Ptychoglossus
    Genus Riolama
    Genus Stenolepis
    Genus Teuchocercus
    Genus Tretioscincus
    Genus Vanzosaura

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