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Green iguana (Iguana iguana)
Green iguana (Iguana iguana)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Sauropsida
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Sauria
Family: Iguanidae

Frost et al. (1989) redefined this family. The genera belonging to the different subfamilies were assigned to separate families. This view is not generally accepted.

Frost et al classification of iguanas

Family Iguanidae

  • Genus Amblyrhynchus
    Genus Brachylophus
    Genus Conolophus
    Genus Ctenosaura
    Genus Cyclura
    Genus Dipsosaurus
    Genus Iguana
    Genus Sauromalus
    Genus Armandisaurus (extinct)
    Genus Lapitiguana (extinct)
    Genus Pumila (extinct)

Traditional classification

Family Iguanidae

  • Subfamily Corytophaninae: casquehead lizards
    Subfamily Crotaphytinae: collared and leopard lizards
    Subfamily Hoplocercinae: wood lizards, clubtails
    Subfamily Iguaninae: iguanas and spinytail iguanas
    Subfamily Leiocephalinae
    Subfamily Leiosaurinae
    Subfamily Liolaeminae
    Subfamily Oplurinae: Madagascar iguanids
    Subfamily Phrynosomatinae: earless, spiny, tree, side-blotched and horned lizards
    Subfamily Polychrotinae: anoles
    Subfamily Tropidurinae: neotropical ground lizards


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