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This is a list of extant reptiles by family, spanning three subclasses.


Subclass Anapsida

Order Testudines - Turtles

  • Suborder Cryptodira
    • Family Chelydridae - Snapping Turtles
      Family Emydidae - Pond Turtles and Box Turtles
      Family Testudinidae - Tortoises
      Family Geoemydidae - Asian River Turtles and Allies
      Family Carettochelyidae - Pignose Turtles
      Family Trionychidae - Softshell Turtles
      Family Dermatemydidae - River Turtles
      Family Kinosternidae - Mud Turtles
      Family Cheloniidae - Sea Turtles
      Family Dermochelyidae - Leatherback Turtles
  • Suborder Pleurodira
    • Family Chelidae - Austro-American Sideneck Turtles
      Family Pelomedusidae - Afro-American Sideneck Turtles
      Family Podocnemididae - Madagascan Big-headed Turtles and American Sideneck River Turtles

Subclass Lepidosauria

Order Rhynchocephalia - Tuataras

  • Suborder Sphenodontida
    • Family Sphenodontidae

Order Squamata - Scaled reptiles

  • Suborder Sauria
    • Family Agamidae - Agamas
    • Family Chamaeleonidae - Chameleons
    • Family Iguanidae
      • Subfamily Corytophaninae - Casquehead Lizard
        Subfamily Crotaphytinae - Collared and Leopard Lizards
        Subfamily Hoplocercinae - Wood lizards
        Subfamily Iguaninae - Iguanas
        Subfamily Leiocephalinae
        Subfamily Leiosaurinae
        Subfamily Liolaeminae
        Subfamily Oplurinae - Madagascar iguanids
        Subfamily Phrynosomatinae - Horned Lizards
        Subfamily Polychrotinae - Anoles
        Subfamily Tropidurinae - Neotropical Ground Lizards
    • Family Gekkonidae - Geckoes
      Family Pygopodidae - Legless lizards
      Family Dibamidae - Blind Lizards
      Family Cordylidae - Spinytail Lizards
      Family Gerrhosauridae - Plated Lizards
      Family Gymnophthalmidae - Spectacled Lizards
      Family Teiidae - Whiptails and Tegus
      Family Lacertidae - Lacertids
      Family Scincidae - Skinks
      Family Xantusiidae - Night Lizards
      Family Anguidae - Glass Lizards
      Family Anniellidae - American legless lizards
      Family Xenosauridae - Knob-scaled Lizards
      Family Helodermatidae - Gila Monsters
      Family Lanthanotidae - Earless Monitor lizards
      Family Varanidae - Monitor Lizards
  • Suborder Amphisbaenia
    • Family Amphisbaenidae - Worm Lizards
      Family Trogonophidae - Shorthead Worm Lizards
      Family Bipedidae - Two-legged Worm Lizards
  • Suborder Ophidia - Snakes
    • Family Anomalepidae - Dawn Blind Snakes
      Family Typhlopidae - Blind Snakes
      Family Leptotyphlopidae - Slender Blind Snakes
      Family Aniliidae - Pipe Snakes
      Family Anomochilidae - Dwarf pipe snakes
      Family Boidae - Boas and Pythons
      Family Bolyeridae - Round Island Boas
      Family Cylindrophiidae - Asian pipe snakes
      Family Loxocemidae - Mexican Burrowing Pythons
      Family Tropidophiidae - Dwarf boas
      Family Uropeltidae - Shield-tail Snakes
      Family Xenopeltidae - Sunbeam Snakes
      Family Acrochordidae - File Snakes
      Family Atractaspididae - Mole Vipers
      Family Colubridae - Colubrids
      Family Elapidae - Coral Snakes and Sea Snakes
    • Family Viperidae - Vipers[1]
      • Subfamily Azemiopinae - Fea's viper
        Subfamily Causinae - Night adders
        Subfamily Crotalinae - Pit vipers
        Subfamily Viperinae - Pitless vipers

Subclass Archosauria

Order Crocodylia - Crocodiles

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