Buster's Day At Home

"Buster's Day At Home"
© 2007 by Charles B Reynolds

Oh boy, oh boy. Its the round thing. Oh I love the round thing.

Hey, I just woke up. Did I drink? Where's my water? Oh there it is.

Mmmmmm, that was all good and wet. Hey! I'm wet.......Cool! Where's some more water? Hey, wait a minute, I don't like to be wet. At least not all over.

Oh boy the round thing, I love the round....oooohhhh. Whats that shiny thing? It feels cool in my paw. Will it feel cool in my mouth? YES! It feels cool in my mouth. And it jingle jangles, too. But what's it doing here on this smooth tall wood thing? Why, it belongs under here. And way in the back. Yes, thats where it belongs. Right here where its cozy.

Hm, it is cozy. I could sleep here. It even smells right.

Whoa! Did I sleep again? Cool. Where's that shiny thing? Oh here it is. Yep, it belongs here. I need to go now. Oh, where's my scratchy stuff I go in. Is it out here? No. Oh I think its over here. No. Maybe its over . . .

Hey, its a big square colorful thing with other colorful things inside when I scratch back its top. I think it belongs with the shiny thing. Can I drag it? Yes, but its hard. Whoops, I need to go.

Ah, there's the place where my scratchy stuff is. Ahhhhh.

Oh boy, its the big moving things! I like them. They move and scratch my tummy and let me nibble. Oh, its picking me up. Yes, yes!!

"Buster, where are my keys?"

Oh yes it says I can nibble it. I like this spot right here.

"Ouch. No, Buster, no play. Where are my keys? Oh never mind."

Aw, its going away. Hey, it wants me to chase it and drag it around. Hey, wait up.

What's that? Oh boy, its the round thing. I love the round thing.

About the Author

Charles B Reynolds is an author of little renown. Published in the small press during the nineties, he took quite a bit of time off and did lots of dabbling in different genres (including a stint of online romance stories). though Cherry and Furry are no longer with us, their memories live on, especially in stories such as "Buster's Day At Home."