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My name is John Reckeweg and I am interested in helping raise funds for the Humane Society. I would like to take this time to explain the benefits of using this program. It provide services that generate new donation revenue while improving visibility for the humane society. The Custom web browser toolbar helps you stay connected with your friends and helps them to support the humane society financially every time they go online!

The toolbar provides your friends with the leading web search service from Yahoo! And Google, convenient links to your site and an ever-present branding image for your organization. Your customized Toolbar also includes a news ticker that you can update to keep you updated on animal news and events. Below are a few Questions you may have now that I have answered for other animal lovers


1.       How can I help the Humane Society earn money through the toolbar?
It is easy.  People simply search the Internet like they normally do and money is generated for your cause. The toolbars web search is powered by Yahoo And Google so you get the same great experience you know and trust. 50% of  gross revenues (not a "portion of proceeds" or even 50% of profit, but 50% of all money earned goes back to the humane society). Simply tell your co-workers, volunteers, supporters and friends to search through the customized toolbars and the humane society will earn money. It really is that simple. The more people searching the toolbar or using  the Toolbar, the more we can raise.

2.        What does it cost?
Nothing.  Never.  It is absolutely free. 

3.       What exactly is a customized charitable toolbar?
It is a toolbar that integrates with the web browser and it is unique to the humane society.   The toolbar also includes a customized “news ticker” to notify you of events and important dates happening within the humane society.   Your toolbar will also have customized links to key areas of their website to further help you stay in touch.

4.        Does the toolbar contain spyware or adware?
No.  The toolbar does not contain any spyware or adware and never collects any personally identifiable information (PII). There is no registration for end-users to install and use the toolbar.

5.        Where does the money come from?
Search engines like Yahoo and Google make money from companies that pay an advertising fee when users click on links during a search. 

6.        Must I make a purchase to raise funds for the nonprofit partner?
No. Simply doing web-searches through the toolbar will generate money for the Humane Society. That money is generated from Yahoo’s and Google’s “pay per click” advertising model whereby advertisers pay to generate traffic to their sites.


The download is small and quick. Lets start raising money now!!


John Reckeweg


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