Do reindeer exist

Reindeer can be found in Lapland ( upper parts of Norway, Sweden, and Finland). Reindeer can also be spotted in Siberia and the Northwest Territories in Canada, where they are known as the caribou. Caribou live in the places where you and I would probably not want to visit let alone live. Many are found in the arctic, subarctic and some temperate climates around the world.

This means that reindeer really exist in areas that Mr. Claus is said to reside! They live in the Arctic (which is probably why the legend of Santa includes that he lives in the North Pole and uses reindeer as his mode of transportation began).

Reindeer, also called Caribou, are members of the deer family. Santa chose reindeer to pull his sleigh through the air on Christmas Eve for very practical reasons. First, their natural habitat is cold northern climates near the North Pole, including Alaska, Canada, Russia, and Scandinavia. Second, reindeer were first domesticated about 2,000 years ago, just in time for the first Christmas. Finally, and most importantly, reindeer are excellent swimmers. Their well developed muscles used for swimming are well suited for flying through the air.

The vast majority of reindeer seem unable to fly. As far as we can tell, those with the ability have only been seen flying between dusk on Christmas Eve and dawn of Christmas morning. NORAD, the North American Aerospace Command. NORAD is a military intelligence agency of the United States and Canadian government that monitors the air space over North America. Since 1955, NORAD has been tracking flying reindeer through military satellites and radar.

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