Expert tips on ferret care, ferret food and pet ferrets.

I made sure to do some research before getting my own ferrets and your tips have been a definite lifesaver.

After reading your piece on introducing ferrets to their new house, I made sure that the cat wouldn’t come into my new ferret proofed basement.

Remarkably our cat who’s an old grouch, has readily accepted Squirmmy (my ferret), and even though I never leave them alone together they seem to enjoy each other’s company.

You may feel free to post my comments on your website, it’s the least I can do for all your efforts on my and Squirmmy’s behalf.

We have a paper bag that we keep all her toys in that also doubles as a toy itself. I didn’t know anything about caring for a ferret so I went online and found your web site.

It is great to know that there is someone who loves ferrets enough to go the extra mile like you have. Thank you and keep the tips coming.

I just recently bought a new ferret and they are great pets and incredibly smart but they tend to be a little high maintenance.

I’ve attached pictures of our little cuties. Their names are Smokey and Bandit. Thanks for the advice!

I too had to use the sour apple to stop the female from hurting the male when she was bought first and I brought him into her territory.

I use many of the tips on toys, however, one you don’t have is to buy (at least found in Canada) plastic green eves trough drainage forms. they are made out of the same material as a plastic bag, slightly thicker.

They really love them and they can be folded up into a small package after they are done playing. Mine love them, and I will send a picture of them to you.

I also have trained my ferrets with a"clicker" to come when they are called. If they are hiding in the house somewhere and I need them to come to me, I click the little item, they come running and then they get a treat. Of course that is how I trained them-with treats.

I take them to PetSmart and attach their leash to the cart. They sit there happily, watching the other shoppers as I myself look around.

I have been enjoying the ferret tips, I have found them to be very useful and I appreciate what you have created here.

I have really enjoyed your tips. My ferret’s name is Isabelle or Izzy for short. She’s only about a year old.

We had problems with her using the bathroom in the house, but I put a litter-box down and she seems to be doing better. She is spoiled rotten.

She gets out of her cage to play everyday for at least 3 hours. Sometimes it’s all day long. She ends up falling asleep somewhere and I have to go find her…

Here’s a picture of Izzy, she’s so precious. Yes, I would… Read more…

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