Ferret Wisdom - A Step by Step Guide to Successful Ferret Training

"I was so impressed by your training books. I really enjoyed reading your books and learned your techniques very quickly. You pointed out all the mistakes and misunderstandings I had with my ferret and now he is my best friend! He used to bite a lot and poop everywhere, but we don’t see it any more. I especially enjoyed the part in your book that talks about understanding who Ferrets are.

I can’t thank you enough for those eye-opening books! Those books benefit not only myself, but also my Ferret and my family! I highly recommend anyone who has Ferrets to read the training book, even if you don’t have many behavioral problems. Your money is well very spent, and you don’t need to buy any other books out there!"

"I introduced my Ferret into my family and other pets (a dog and a cat) about 2 months ago and my Ferret didn’t get along well with my terrier. When they got into a fight, we separated them and ever since my Ferret showed aggressiveness whenever they are in the same room. After reading this book, I was able to let them stay in a calm manner and now they are great companions to each other. Thanks a lot for the great tips. It saved our family.

"One of my Ferrets, Mickey, used to dig everything. I mean EVERYTHING! Carpet, food, the couch, and anything else he thought he could dig. It was a headache and we tired to stop him, but he refused to listen to us. Then I found your books online and thought this might be our solution. Bingo!

After I read your book, I finally understood why Mickey was digging. It’s all about understanding his nature and behavior. We have trained Mickey for about 2 weeks and I his digging problem is almost gone. My husband used to get so upset when his furniture got scratched, but now we understand we needed to have a little more patience and the tools to teach him that the furniture is not for scratching. Thank you for sharing your "wisdom" with us."

If you own or want to own a Ferret, the least you can do is dedicate 15 minutes a day to this loving creature. My Wisdom will make it the quality time you’ve always wanted

Whether your Ferret is young or an adult, it doesn’t matter, I’ll show you how you can transform your Ferret’s behavior.

Stop struggling and being frustrated. Every last detail is revealed in my Ferret Wisdom digital books.

Understanding the differences between good biting and bad biting is important for every Ferret owner.. This chapter you will learn how to identify goof biting and bad biting.

While no biting is preferred, from time to time your Ferret will nip or chomp for a variety of reasons that won’t require behavioral training

Whether playful or overt, these “bad” nipping behaviors need to be reprimanded and, eventually, eliminated

Four steps you need to follow to correct your… Read more…

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