Guinea Pig Care 101

"Through My Years Of Research, I Have Compiled A Guide That Not Only Touches On Amazing Treatments For Common Guinea Pig Ailments, But Also Unlocks The Secret To Guinea Pig Communication!"

Have you ever seen your Guinea Pig sick and in a helpless state? Have you ever been desperate to know what to do next for your Guinea Pig? Maybe you’ve just purchased a lovable Guinea Pig and noticed that the moment you brought him home, he was scratching and nipping at his fur? Not knowing what to do when a problem arises can make any owner feel absolutely helpless as their guinea pig suffers. And what’s even worse is to pay for treatment by “experts” only to watch as your pet’s health deteriorates further under medical “care”. I know what this feels like because I’ve experienced these agonizing moments myself. When a Guinea Pig is sick, the first thing that may come to mind is to rush your pet to a vet. But if the veterinarian is inexperienced in treating Guinea Pigs, you will most likely get the wrong diagnosis as your pet is put through a battery of tests, some of which may be inappropriate and even harmful. Or the wrong medication may get prescribed and you’re back to square one without having solved the original problem.

This is more common than you think because most vets have experience treating cats and dogs but not Guinea Pigs. And most documented medical protocols are designed for cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds. This has happened to me twice and I was fortunate enough to realize what was going on before permanent damage was done. In both situations, doing research on my own was more effective in treating my pet than consulting with several veterinarians who had no experience with these animals. My friend’s Guinea Pig, who ended up having mites and was in and out of different vet offices, wasn’t so lucky. Armed with key knowledge about Guinea Pigs and having a competent veterinarian on your side is what will make all the difference in seeing your pet at her best. That’s what The Complete Guide To Guinea Pig Care is about and more! This guide will walk you through the process of finding a healthy and happy guinea pig, locating the right veterinarian, as well as getting your house ready to welcome your pet home. Through my years of research, I have compiled a guide that not only touches on treatments for common ailments but also unlocks the secrets to Guinea Pig communication, which will allow you to see into their world. Imagine a healthy and happy pet whose gestures and sounds are so familiar that you are able to recognize what’s being expressed. And when a health problem does pop up, you are knowledgeable enough to keep a level head and know exactly what to tell the vet to get the best treatment possible. Well this e-book provides you with this knowledge and will open up… Read more…

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