Our National Bird

August 4th, 2007

Our national bird is the bald eagle. When we are children the image of the bald eagle as an important bird is drilled into our minds. We come to understand that not only is this bird important, but it comes to represent the ideals of the country in which we live. When we see an eagle soar through the air, we are immediately struck by the idea that we live in a free country filled with larger than life ideals of freedom and capitalism. We come to understand that this is a great country to live filled with great people and wonderful ideas.

In order to truly appreciate our country, we not only need to understand what it stands for but also what the future is. And all of this can be summed up in our national bird. The eagle represents everything we believe in. That is why it is important for people to go out of their way to learn about the bird in order to truly appreciate its significance. When our founding fathers decided that this bird was important and special and became our official bird, they saw that the eagle had the potential to be great just like our nation back then had the potential to be great.

The bald eagle is one of those creatures that have been on the endangered species list. This is a shame because if the population is dwindling to the point where there are no more left, what does that mean? We’d surely need to choose another national bird. Thankfully, with the help of a lot of laws to protect them and an army of people who work to help them, the eagle is no longer in the danger zone and there is a proposal out there for them to get taken off the endangered species list.

When it comes to our national bird, no other creature could be better at that role than the bald eagle. It sores through the air. It is majestic. And just as we picture almost any other bird, it is free. Our nation is one that has built its foundations on the principals of democracy. The bald eagle represents those principals and ideals very well. That is why it is our national bird.

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Golden Eagles

July 30th, 2007

Golden Eagles are birds of prey. This means that they circle around in the sky looking for something on the ground that they can swoop in, catch, and eat. That is where the term “eagle eyes” came from. Eagles have extremely good vision and can spot things from very far off in the distance. When people think of the eagle, the golden eagle is the one they may be thinking of. Even though they are a type of species in the eagle family, they are not the only eagle that is around.

Golden Eagles belong to the Accipitridea family. This is the same family that all eagles belong to. There are actually several different species of golden eagles and they are present on several different continents. The six sub species are all located in the Northern Hemisphere and can be found in Japan, North America, North Africa, Europe, Asia, Korea, India, China, Pakistan, and Eastern Siberia. But aside from their frequency, they are beautiful and fascinating birds to watch and study. However, it is important to note that the population of the Golden Eagle in Europe has suffered a serious decline. There is a national park in Ireland that is working to help restore the population but the overall numbers are not what they once were.

When it comes to golden eagles, it is important to understand about them. Like all wildlife, the more we know, the more we will work to protect the animals. Golden eagle populations have already suffered considerably in Europe and they could suffer the same fate in other areas if we are not careful. It is important to make sure that they are protected and that we don’t do anything to harm them.

A good way to learn about them is to watch them in action. Some zoos may have them or you could watch documentaries on television. You could also read about them but it really is best to watch them in action. How else could you appreciate the sheer beauty of them if you don’t see them close up? Gold eagles are fascinating birds of prey and they can be fun to learn about and watch. Doing so may help protect them.

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