It’s Easy to Shop for a Bark Collar

Dogs can be so cute, but they can also be the source of so much noise - all that barking. Is it a small dog with a tiny but annoying bark? Or a big dog with, of course, a whooping big bark? The more dogs you have the more disturbance you and your neighbour can suffer from. The problems can go on and on. But there is a solution. A bark collar can get the job done?

How does a bark collar work, exactly?

You first have to be aware of the three types of deterrent systems available: spray, ultrasonic, and static. A no-bark collar works in this way: when it detects your dog barking, it releases a stimulus in the form of a dog-safe spray, a high-pitched sound only dogs can hear, or a low-voltage electric shock. All three are perfectly safe for your dog. The goal is to train your dog to associate the unpleasant disruption of the stimulus, with his barking. You’ll notice over time that your dog will be a barking a great deal less compared to when he was not wearing the no-bark collar.

Settling for the Right Kind of Collar

There are collars recommended for small, medium, and large dogs. You don’t want your dog discomforted, or annoyed, by a collar that’s too small, or too big the strap hangs out, which he can chew on. Remember that the device on the collar is essentially a small, bulging box. So it pays to remember you dog’s size when you shop.

How to get what you pay for

Sometimes, dogs can be too playful.
That means the device on the collar can get bumped around, scratched, and soaked with water. Incidentally, your dog might turn the knobs and buttons on the device, if they are badly made, by his movements.
You also have a problem if the device, which triggers on the sound of your dog’s barking, can’t tell if the sound’s source is a dog or a loud, passing truck.
That last item can mean a bad purchase, since your dog will not be associating the stimulus exclusively with his barking.

Get a reliable collar

Keep these features in mind when you shop, to save yourself time and effort in returning a product that doesn’t work. Still, there’s one product that can do all these and safely train your dog to curb his barking - the bark collar.

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