We all love a well behaved dog

All of us remember our first dog when we were kids. Bringing them home because they came over and crawled all over your lap. Tongue licking your face with their cute little pink tongue.

Sure what we remember as kids with our first dog is far different from what our parents remember about that time. Many of us know this because we have grown and brought home a puppy for our family.

We soon realized there was a lot of work in line with the little cute and funny puppy. It was not long before he begab chewing everything in site. You find yourself moving everything in your home as though have a baby around. Then there are house training steps that are not very pleasant sometimes.

There are some dogs that may take several weeks before they master the art of going to the door to let you know that need to use the outdoor bathroom.

That is why some people give up and just spend their time cleaning up after him.

But fortunately here are some great products out there to help training your dog at home.

The greatest thing I’ve found though, you need to be consistent in your puppy. Just like a child, the puppy will soon learn to perform a task or a job. The first thing every morning take him out. You must keep the puppy around you, if you spend most of your day on the lower level of your home, then that is where the puppy should too. You need to supervise him. If he had been drinking, give him about 10 minutes to get him out and see if it will go. An hour after she eats, do the same. Not just because she finally learned to do her business outside, but also learning will occur more quickly because you’re being consistent.

with chewing, you need to catch him in the act and change his mind. You may do this by giving him a chew toy and lure him away from whatever he was chewing. Just say NO, and then give him something else to do it.

The biggest problem now with people in training their pets is that they do not have time. You both work all day and are tired when you get home, and the last thing you want to do after work is training your puppy. This is a terrible situation for the puppy though, because they are in a new environment. They were removed from the mother and siblings. Then people take them home and leave them alone for 8-10 hours a day.

If no one is at home for the first few months that you have your pet then you may have to wait until the situation changes. This situation will not work to train a puppy. So if this is your home, do not get a pet at this time.

To all people with dogs or cats, just take care of them and love them and you’ll get a lot of love back.

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