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Dog Summer Cooling Products

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by: wishbone
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Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 Time: 8:50 PM

Spring and summer time is just around the corner and families and pets are into different outdoor activities. Dogs would need essential pet cooling products that would relief heat, stress and discomfort from a day of activities and adventures. At this season of the year, senior and injured dogs are discomfort due to soaring muscles, joints or stitches due to heat and these cooling pet products will help relieve such soars and pains into much comfortable, chilling feelings and actually heals too. PetStreetMall compiles what would your dog need so he or she can fully enjoy the summer season with comfort.

Cooling & Warming Beds. This combo bed is an award winning bed made by Dolce Vita in recognition of it’s excellence. The Dolce Vita Heating and Cooling combo dog bed provides comfort and promotes good health for pets. Hot weather or strenuous activity can leave a pet exhausted and overheated. Normally pets seek the cooling effects of laying on hard tile or concrete surfaces which can stress bones and muscles. The Dolce Vita heated and cooling dog bed delivers cool air therapy through a unique, patent-pending air channel cushion and provides your pet with the comfort of a cool therapeutic surface to sleep and relax. Low-level heat therapy has been proven scientifically to promote health and improve activity level of pets and can aid in providing relief from arthritis and sore joints and muscles. Additionally, the comforting effects of heat can stimulate circulation, reduce anxiety, and help pets maintain their natural body temperature. PetStreetMall gives huge discount plus free shipping on this product.

Canine Cooler. The Canine Cooler works without electricity to provide a cool spot for your dog to relax and escape heat and exhaustion. The Canine Cooler removes heat from your dogs body by taking advantage of the rules of thermodynamics. By providing a spot that is cooler than your dog’s body temperature, the beds actually draw heat away from your dog, to ensure your dog stays cool year round. The softness of the Canine Cooler also ensure that your dog is not putting strain on its joints by lying on hard surfaces that dogs gravitate towards because of the coolness.

Chillow Bed Cooler. A marvel of design, patented SoothSoft® Comfort Technology provides a unique fluid-cool wonder called the Chillow® Brand Comfort Device. The glove-soft outer material and unique core of the Chillow ® combine with water to give you years of cool comfort while you sleep, read, or relax. You activate it once and you're ready to get to sleep faster and enjoy deeper, more restful REM sleep. Your Chillow® can relieve hot flashes, headaches, sunburns, and more. No noisy fan or over-cooling AC can do as much for a good night's sleep. No refrigeration is necessary.

Cooling Bandana. It might be small and looks regular but it is a very effective bandana made with crystals which absorb water. Dogs cannot dissipate heat as we do through sweating. Dogs release heat mainly through heat dissipation when they pant. Often a dog will get so warm that they simply cannot pant hard or fast enough and that can be dangerous for any dog. This then acts like a reverse heat pump which helps to remove the heat from the dog, and then dissipates it into the surrounding air. The heat does not always go away at night, so the cooling bandana is edged with reflective tape for visibility of your dog at twilight and night time. As you would expect the dog cooling bandana is reusable and hand-washable. The Dog Cooling Bandana is made with non-toxic polymer crystals which absorb up to 30 times their weight and stay cool for several hours.

Dog Cooling Jacket. The Cool K-9 dog cooling jacket is a breakthrough in thermo-regulating technology. This Dog Cooling Jacket works through Water-absorbing, cross-linked polymers are sewn into supplex fabric. Just soak the dog jacket through with water and then put the jacket on your dog to help him fight off heat exhaustion and keep him cool on hot days. The dog cooling jacket acts as a perspiration system. It absorbs heat from your dogs body, then allows the heat to be dispelled into the air by the natural evaporative process. So instead of just panting and sweating through the pads of his paws, your dog is essentially "sweating," which helps him to cool off.

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