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81: Five Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make
You’ve researched the different dog breeds to find the best one for you and your family, you’ve taken the time to find out whether the breeder you chose is ethical, and now you’re finally bringing tha

82: Who's Missing From Your Wedding Party? Your Dog!
Man's best friend is enjoying a higher profile when it comes to tying the knot. Although the trend gained steam in the easy-going West, wedding planners all over the country are seeing dogs take on ke

83: Tips For Taking A Road Trip With Your Dog
Vehicles: With the possible exception of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and a side car, I've seen practically every type of vehicle used for taking the family pooch on a road trip.Below I review three o

84: History Of The Pit Bull
No other breed of dog has experienced as many discriminations and misconceptions as has the Pit Bull. While some people would tell you that Pit Bulls are a gentle and harmless pet, other people consid

85: Should Dogs Take Supplements
Its no mystery why we take supplements. The body is a complicated mechanism that fights every day to preserve its own well-being. Therefore, the body needs plenty of nutritional support that foods can

86: Canine Hip Dysplasia And Large Breed Dogs
Canine hip dysplasia is a genetic issue that starts to appear from the ages of 4 to 12 months. Not all puppies in a litter will develop it, though if your dog has canine hip dysplasia, she should not

87: Airedale Terriers - Courageous, Protective And Loyal
They originated in the country of York. The original Airedale Terrier was called the Waterside Terrier and later was crossed with the Otterhound. The Airedale has been used to hunt big game in Canada

88: Things To Know About A German Shepherd Dog
A sound temperament is a must in a German Shepherd Dog (GSD). By sound, I mean a disposition where one minute you can let a protection trained GSD play alone with your 5-year old child, pull on its ea

89: Characteristics Of Rottweilers
The rottweiler breed has a long history and quite a reputation. Before buying your own pet it is a good idea as always when buying a dog, to become somewhat familiar with some of the characteristics o

90: Rottweilers Of Fame
The popular rottweiler breed has seen some of it members become quite famous. This ranges from comic books to movies and onwards. Here is a look at a few of the rottweilers that made into the halls of

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