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How To Care For Discus

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by: Slogicalisrami
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Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 Time: 9:00 AM

If you go out to town and pay for a discus fish , you might want to take into account that discus fish have become very sensitive in regards to their care, water condition and food standard. Discus fish are quite costly and you would not want to pay for one should you not know how to take care of it. Therefore, here are a couple of your basic discus care suggestions that you must follow in order that one to correctly take care of discus fish in the tank.

First of all, plenty of people reckon that discus care is merely for skilled fish keepers. Individuals could hardly be more incorrect. Attending to discus fish is not difficult once you understand how to apply it effectively. It may be hard to begin with however as you get far more experienced, almost everything may become common practice and straightforward to accomplish.

Typically the aquarium tank dimensions are about the most important matters that you have to look at. Discus fish prosper in deep water. And so, you want to acquire a big tank that may be at the same time wide as well as deep. Discus fish can certainly mature to 6 or even 7 inches. Currently, as you must have at the least 5 discus fish together inside the aquarium, you will definitely desire a more substantial container.

Although it is possible for you to keep discus fish in tanks which might be empty, it's advisable for everyone to insert plants, drift wood, and rocks in the aquarium. A lot of these won't just make the tank seem a lot better but these things will serve to be a hiding spot for discus fish and it will as well help to keep them all relaxed.

Discus fish can be nervous and if they have got nowhere to cover, they will get stressed very easily and will maybe harm theirselves by thrashing about the tank and striking the glass.

Water is likewise an important factor. Make sure that you maintain your pH amount of the water at about 6 as well as the heat range at a consistent 82 to 86 degrees F.

If you would like bring additional types of fish within the discus fish fish tank, just be sure you try adding catfish, plectra, small tetras, along with other slowly and sluggish moving fish from South America. Just make sure that the discus fish are the biggest fish within the fish tank.

In terms of their particular food, discus fish can be provided with with aquarium food items. It is possible to supply the discus fish using frozen bloodworm and brine shrimp. Mature discus fish might be fed once daily but juvenile kinds really should be fed no less than 3 x per day.

These are a number of the aspects you'll want to realize whenever you intend on taking care of discus fish. By using these guidelines, you can be assured you are competent to properly raise discus fish to get these to succeed in your fish tank. If you undertake them right, you may even get your discus fish to reproduce rather than worry about buying another group of discus fish ever again.

With these tips, you will be able to have a guide on how to properly take care of discus fish in an aquarium.

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