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1: Nervous Rat- Use These Techniques And Your Rat Will Trust You
Now...have you just got a new baby rat? Is your rattie an adopted rat? Were they either a mistreated lab rat, or picked up from the Rat Shelter? Is your rat an older rat who has been traumatized and i

2: Pet Rats
By Diana DavidsonWhat's a Rat Stare? Do your rats have a disturbing habit? Do they stare straight ahead for long periods of time? Is it rather unnerving to see them staring, unmoving, with their eyes

3: Is Your Pet Rat Cool
I am going to reveal the secret to tell if your Rat is Cool? Is your Rat Hot? Or Is your Rat Cool? You take our quiz: Is your Rat: a) Hot b) Hip c) Cool d) Square Is your Rat Cool? If the env

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