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1: When Cat Pee Smell Permeates Your Home -What To Do
Pet pee doesn't have to be reason to despair. Let us show you what to do.

2: How To Take Your KittyFor A Stroll (Yes You Can!)
Want to get top ranked approval ratings from your feline boss? We've got the solution

3: Owning Dog Houses Show Your Devotion and Attention for Your Dog Buddies
Every living creature requires a house. Your canine mates at home are no different. They need to have their own personal dog houses, too.

4: Dolphins in Rivers - Is that True
While you expect to see dolphins in the ocean, very few people realize that dolphins can be found in fresh water rivers as well. There are four species of dolphins that make their homes in rive

5: Discovery of Furry Crustacean Yields New Family
An international team of marine biologists recently announced the discovery of Kiwa hirsuta, a ten-legged crustacean that resembles a lobster covered with what looks like silky, blond fur. Dubbed t

6: Seals and Sea Lions
Scientists call true seals, eared seals, and walruses "pinnipeds"—literally, "feather-foot." Eared seals (sea lio

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