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1: Grooming Tips for Dogs
The way you bathe your puppy matters because you are teaching them, here and now, exactly what bath time will be like for the rest of his days. If you want a well-behaved adult dog that actually enjoys his bath, follow these steps.

2: Training Your Dog using a PetSafe Electric Dog fence - Week 1
It is important to have as little disruption as possible during your pets' training sessions. Remember the PetSafe electric dog fence training should be fun, and not stressful at all. Learn how to Train Your Dog using a PetSafe Electric Dog fence.

3: Japanese Giant Slamanders
Japanese giant salamanders are about 55 pounds and five feet long. Brown and black skin helps them blend in with the mud, stones, and plants of the streambeds where they live. Their broad, flattened b

4: Red Pandas
Red pandas exist in the shadow of giant pandas, but they were actually the first animals to be called "panda." In the past, red pandas have been classified with the bear family (which inc

5: Who Are Your Power Animals
Native Americans believe that each animal carries its own special energies and gifts, and that each animal has a gift to give each of us. Do you know what animals are guiding you on your individual jo

6: How To Remove Skunk Odor
Oh no! Your pet got sprayed by a skunk. What should you do now? The first thing many people think of is tomato juice. Don't bother, because it doesn't work. I will explain why later in this article. S

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