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Backyard Breeder

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A backyard breeder is a person who practices random or ignorant dog breeding on a small scale. The name is something of a misnomer, as many excellent breeders run small-scale programs in their houses, garages, barns, or backyards

The term is meant to refer to people who are ignorant of selective breeding goals and techniques, and are not familiar with the breed standard of their chosen breed of dog. Backyard breeders are motivated by the idea of profit, not realizing that the hobby of animal breeding practiced on a small scale is not usually profitable when one factors in costs such as health, maintenance and pregnancy care. People who have not considered these factors often stint their breeding stock in terms of veterinary care and adequate maintenance, the puppies they produce may have genetic disorders or undisclosed illnesses; it is these people who are disparaged as 'backyard breeders'.

When such breeding is carried out on a large scale, the venue is called a puppy mill (or puppy farm in Commonwealth English).

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