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Kennel Club

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A kennel club (known as a kennel council or canine council in some countries) is an organization for canine affairs that concerns itself with the welfare, promotion, and maintenance of more than one breed of dog. A club that handles only one breed is known as a breed club. All-encompassing kennel clubs are also referred to as 'all-breed clubs', although "all" means only those breeds that they have decided to recognize, and "breed" means purebred dogs, not including dog hybrids and crossbreeds or mixed breeds.

Kennel clubs can be for working dogs or show dogs. They maintain breed standards, accreditation of judges, and registries, which are lists of adult purebred dogs and lists of litters of puppies born to purebred parents.

Nations that have active groups of dog breeders and people who practice the hobby of dog fancy usually have their own national breed and kennel clubs, often affiliated with those of other countries.

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (In English, the International Canine Federation, but still referred to as the FCI); represents many countries internationally and has ties to many countries' major kennel clubs. There may be reciprocal agreements or understanding between affiliate members of the FCI.

The major, most-widely accepted kennel clubs for various countries are:

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