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Mountain Cur

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Mountain Cur
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UKC: Scenthound breeds  
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This breed of dog is extinct

The Mountain Cur is a type of working dog used for treeing and trailing game; mainly squirrel and raccoon, but also large game. It is a member of the Hound group. They can also be used as water dogs. Mainly bred in Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee, it has been registered with the United Kennel Club since 1998. The Mountain Cur Breeder's Association was formed in 1957.


The Mountain Cur was brought to America from Europe by the settlers of the Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee mountains to guard the family and property, and chase and tree game. These dogs enabled the settlers to provide meat and pelts which could be sold or traded for other goods. The Mountain Cur was bred and maintained for nearly two hundred years. With the advent of World War II, many of the families who had bred them left the rural areas and went to work in factories in the war effort. By the end of the 1940's the breed was becoming rare. Four individuals, Hugh Stephens and Woody Huntsman of Kentucky, Carl McConnell of Virginia and Dewey Ledbetter of Tennessee are given credit for saving the breed from dying out and setting the Mountain Cur breed standard.


  • Coat: Heavy, medium short.
  • Color: Black, black and brindle, yellow and can have white points.
  • Head: Broad square with top being a flat plane between the high set ears.
  • Eyes:Dark brown, expressive.
  • Ears:Short to medium with a high set and tightly controlled.
  • Muzzle: Heavy with wide nares. Teeth form a scissor like bite.
  • Body: Stocky, muscular, square and slightly longer than the tail which can be docked but long enough to form a handle for show. Some pups are born with a bobbed tail.
  • Legs: Straight, medium long, muscular capable of speed.
  • Feet: Oval shaped, muscled with feline-like pads. Can have back dew claws.


The Mountain Cur is intelligent, easily trained, and neither vicious nor shy. They can be suitable as companion animals and guard dogs.


The book Old Yeller by Frederick Gipson was about a Mountain Cur but, in the 1957 movie Old Yeller, he was played by a yellow Labrador Retriever.

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