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Norwegian Lundehund

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Norwegian Lundehund
Alternative names
Norsk Lundehund
Norwegian Puffin Dog
Country of origin
Common nicknames
Classification and breed standards
FCI: Group 5 Section 2 #269  
AKC: Non-sporting (FSS)  
CKC: Group 2 - Hounds  
KC (UK): Hound  
UKC: Northern Breeds  
Not recognized by any major kennel club
This breed of dog is extinct

The Norwegian Lundehund (Norwegian: Norsk Lundehund (from Norsk (Norwegian), lunde (puffin) and hund (dog)) is a small dog breed originating from Norway and originally bred for hunting puffins.


It is known for its great range of motion in its joints. It can swivel each ear 360 degrees. The Norwegian Lundehund has an extra toe (at least 6 total) on each foot and double dew claws on the forefeet, which helps with climbing cliffs when hunting puffins. The neck is double jointed and the legs can be bent to sides at 90º angles because of moveable shoulder-joints and are also capable of 180º rotation. The outercoat is dense and rough with a soft undercoat.


The breed has a long history. As far back as 1600 it was used for hunting puffins along the Norwegian coast. Interest for the breed declined when new methods for hunting puffins were invented. A dog tax also led to a decline in the dog population. The breed was nearly extinct around World War II—only 5 dogs survived. Due to careful breeding with strict guidelines, there are now around 1500-2000 dogs in the world, with around 1100 in Norway. Estimates show there are approx. 250 in the US.

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