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Purebreds, also called purebreeds or pedigreed, are cultivated varieties or cultivars of a species, achieved through the process of selective breeding.

Purebred dogs

In the hobby of dog fancy, the word 'purebred' causes controversy, largely because of unresolved differences of opinion over what constitutes a breed.

In general, there are two types of purebred: those 'recognized' by a kennel club and those of independent breed clubs.

Kennel clubs usually have strict sets of criteria for the recognition of a new or existing dog breed, normally with some period of developmental or provisional status. It cannot be assumed that the date of recognition of a breed indicates how long the breed has existed as a pure breed.

Independent purebreds are typically dogs of renown in their originating countries, usually with a long history of breeding true to type. They may remain independent due to any of the following reasons:

  • The lack of a national kennel club or low interest in dog fancy in smaller nations.
  • The dogs being so venerable that there is no reason to seek outside affiliation.
  • The desire to preserve independent control over the attributes of the breed.

Recently, proposed breed-specific legislation has threatened the existence of independent dog clubs, as the fanciers of independent breeds are forced to seek alliance with kennel clubs to preserve their dogs' purebred status.

The fanciers of newly developed breeds now almost always seek kennel club affiliation at the outset.

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