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Alternative names
Poligar Hound
Country of origin
Breed not currently recognized by the major kennel clubs.

The Rajapalayam is an Indian breed of dog. It was the companion of the royalty and aristocracy in Southern India, particularly in the town from where it gets its name. It is also known as the Paleiyakaran or Poligar Hound.


It is a large dog, usually measuring about 30 inches (76 centimeters) at the withers. It weighs around 120 lb (55 kg) and bears a slight resemblance to the Great Dane.The most prized colour is milk white, with a pink nose and golden eyes. However, other colours including spotted or solid, black and brown, are known to occur. In the past, puppies of colour were usually culled from the litters since the owners preferred the pure white dogs. The coat is short and fine.The Rajapalayam was used predominantly for hunting wild boar and as a formidable guard dog. He needs wide open spaces and is very affectionate towards his owner.

Future of the breed

The pure Rajapalayam is more or less extinct, and only a few are to be found in isolated pockets around southern Tamil Nadu. The breed may vanish all together if something is not done soon to revive it.

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