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81: Common Dog Diseases and their Treatment
Sometimes, it can be hard to tell whether dogs actually have an ailment. Since not everyone takes their dog to the vet on a regular basis, I figured it would be helpful to know more about dog health, ..

82: Choosing a right dog – Tips and Things to Consider
As we see healthy and lovely dogs around, it really seemed so exciting and so much fun getting in-love to have one. It was really nice feelings to have a loyal companion and friend that’s always the..

83: Homemade Dog Food, Your Hunting Dog Will Love You
Homemade Dog Food Is A Healthy OptionMy two Vizsla hunting dogs get homemade dog food twice each day. I mix an adjusted amount with good quality dry kibble.Homemade dog food can be better than some co..

84: Dog Otitis Externa - Care of Ear Infection & Prevention
Otitis externa is an inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal. Inflammation of the skin of the ear canal is the essence of this disorder. The inflammation can be secondary to dermatitis (eczema) on..

85: Cutback On Pet Food Expenditure: Go for Dog Food Coupons
Caring for your pet dog involves a lot of effort. The owner must not only look after his/her health, but also provide the dog with sufficient exercise and feed him/her properly. The food bill does f..

86: Using Dog Food Coupons to Cut Pet Care Costs
Nobody is there for you the way your dog is. He is excited every time he sees you. He would lay down his life for yours. Your dog is the best friend you could ever ask for. And of course you want to t..

87: Dog Raw Food Diet
Giving natural raw food diet is still one of the best treats for your pets. Fresh natural raw foods are viewed by many as safer than processed food due to less exposure to processed food contamination..

88: Overweight Hunting Dogs
Despite their athletic nature, hunting dogs can be overweight dogs and can fall into a sedentary nature if not provided with enough exercise. Without an exercise program, these otherwise fit, energeti..

89: The Importance of High Quality Dog Food
It is of great importance that your dog eat high quality, nutritional dog food. However, the highest quality brands of dog food often come with the highest price tags. Some people attempt to save mone..

90: How To Shed Your Cat Of Theif Excess Weight
Household pets across the country are dealing with weight problems. Whether it is because of a poor diet or lack of exercise, our loving companions are putting on the pounds. Putting an overweight c..

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